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Press Release Article

Wednesday 04th November 2009: Press Statement 04.11.09

All change again in the control of CUFC

Following the boardroom upheaval last week, the Carlisle United Supporters’ Trust is taking the opportunity of re-stating its prime objective.

For the 4th time in five years the controlling interest in Carlisle United has changed.

Throughout all of this, The United Trust has remained constant in its support of the Club and indeed over the last 8 years since it was formed, has constantly emphasised the need for all genuine supporters to pull together to ensure the Club’s well-being. Whereas the owners, directors and staff on and off the field change constantly, the constant support of the Trust will not. Last season we narrowly avoided relegation and lost £1.2million. Despite our recent fantastic win against Charlton (well done the boys in Blue!) this year we are again in the bottom half of League 1 and in the first three months of the financial year it is reported in the press that we would have lost a further £170k if not for transfer monies.

The apparent disharmony which led to the departure of the Chief Executive David Allen did not begin last week. It must have been going on for months until it reached a point last week where something had to give. Now let’s all seize this opportunity to re-introduce some harmony and unity into the Club and all work together for its benefit. Step 1 needs to be for all the fans to get down to Brunton Park and support the team on a regular basis. Step 2 needs to be the introduction of a meaningful structure which allows the supporters to bring their diverse and enormous wealth of talent to bear on some of the problems which confront the club. Other clubs have done this and reaped enormous benefits. In practical terms the way to achieve it is by the proper integration of the supporters’ representative onto the Board of the Club and his inclusion in the management structure at every level. The Trust has already written several times to the Club’s Board to this effect and will continue with these endeavours.

The potential for Cumbrians to have their professional League football team successfully operating at least at Championship level has been demonstrated in the past. The supporters will not be satisfied with anything less, so lets all set about the task TOGETHER of getting our Club up there.

The United Trust Board.

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